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What we do.

What we do

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Our powerful content helps you inform, engage, and persuade your audience. Discover how we make your message

both look and sound good.

We Choose Your Words Wisely

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About us

A Little Bit About Us


Pairagraph is an online Copywriting, Editing and Translating company, started by married couple Leoni Fohr and Andrew De La Pena. We are Dutch and US nationals, offering expertise in Copywriting, Translating, Editing, Social Media, SEO and Content Strategies - Dutch and English, all under the same roof.

We help you to not just inform, but also engage and persuade your (international) target audience, through Pairagraph's powerful streamlined content; informative blogs, case studies, profiles, brand journalism; and effective campaigns.


Our passion for online and social communication - both written and visual - makes Pairagraph uniquely deft at ensuring your digital message both looks and sounds good. Without a corporate bureaucracy or large staff, we offer fast, reliable and high quality content with the personal care that your online communications deserve.


We choose your words wisely,
so that you can focus on the products and services your business does so well.

More About Our Journey & Our Partnerships

about us.
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