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Content Strategy

What is an effective content strategy and how do you get there? First and foremost, content strategy connects your organization’s content efforts with the overall business goals and consumers needs. Everything you do related to content should map back to those requirements. Content strategy, in other words, is the business of stepping back and asking “What should we create, and why?”

Pairagraph can help you define a content strategy that helps your company lay the foundation for ongoing collaboration, produce better content and end up with happier customers.

We Strategize Your Words Wisely

To create your content strategy, you should start by defining your company's goals. From there, you take a detailed look at these four separate-but-related areas of activity:

  • User experience designWho are your clients and what are their content needs and preferences?

  • Editorial strategyWhat is your content’s point of view, what topics do you need to address? And where and when will you deliver the content?

  • Content engineeringHow will you structure your content so your consumers can find it? How will you use your Content Management System to publish your content?

  • Content workflowHow does content move throughout your company? What are the policies, standards, and guidelines that monitor its quality and performance?

Would you like us to strategize your content? Let's pair up

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