Editing is all about streamlining content by adding, deleting and rearranging. Hardly ever do you get everything right the first time: rewriting is the essence of writing well. It's this art of polishing your prose Pairagraph specializes in, whether you're looking for a quick cleaning up the rough edges or a radical revision. 


We choose your words wisely, to cut the clutter and get to the point. By correcting errors, making words and sentences clearer and more precise we make your copy as effective as possible.

Checking Text on a Document

We Edit Your Words Wisely

  • Less is more
    Long sentences often lose the reader, especially online. While there is a time and a place for comma-heavy sentences, articles are much easier to read when sentences are shorter. That is why we focus on keeping your copy simple yet powerful.

  • Consistency
    This is problem we encounter regularly, where texts keep switching from past tense to the present. Not only can this be a real eye sore for the word purists among us, it also makes your message unclear. That's why consistency is our motto.

  • Steering clear from jargon
    Of course we understand that your company caters to a specific audience, that understands a particular type of jargon. However, there’s no need to use jargon for the sake of it. We believe great writing makes it easy for readers and encourages them to keep reading.

  • Keeping it active
    When used thoughtfully, a passive voice can be a useful tool. In most cases, however, switching to an active voice will make your writing easier to follow, less wordy, livelier and far more enjoyable to read. 

  • Clear formatting
    As editors, we're constantly on the lookout for things like (unnecessary) punctuation, quotation marks, double spacing, headings, and so on. It might sounds painfully obvious, but formatting makes a massive difference to the overall readability of your article.


Would you like us to edit your content? Let's pair up!