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Editing is all about streamlining content by researching, adding, deleting and rearranging. Hardly ever do you get everything right the first time: rewriting is the essence of writing well. Pairagraph specializes in the art of polishing your prose, whether you're looking to smooth the rough edges or a radical (brand) revision. 


We choose your words wisely, cut the clutter and get to the point. Your copy is more effective when it is accurate, clear, appealing and precise. 

Checking Text on a Document

We Edit Your Words Wisely

  • Less is more
    Long sentences often lose the reader, especially online. While a time and a place exists for explanatory sentences and paragraphs elongated to reflect the material's depth of details and complexity, articles are much easier to read when sentences are shorter. That is why we focus on keeping your copy simple yet powerful.

  • Consistency
    This is problem we encounter when texts often switch from past tense to the present. This may be an eye sore for the word purists, but can also obfuscate your message. Consistency keeps everything clear.

  • Steering clear from jargon
    Your company caters to a specific audience who may understand a particular jargon. However, jargon is rarely very compelling. We believe great writing makes it easer for all readers to keep on reading. We also have at least three science degrees between us and believe the details are often the most interesting components of copy and prose when told well. 

  • Keeping it active
    When used thoughtfully, a passive voice can be a useful tool. In most cases, however, switching to an active voice will make your writing easier to follow, less wordy, livelier and far more enjoyable to read. 

  • Clear formatting
    As editors, we're constantly on the lookout for unnecessary punctuation, quotation marks, double spacing, headings, and so on. This is also an important component of brand and copy consistency. It might sound painfully obvious, but formatting makes a massive difference in the overall legibility of your article.


Need some new or improved content? Let's pair up!

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