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Life On the Lost Coast

❝ Alien Spouse. That has been my title since I left behind everything familiar and migrated to the United States, last year. Despite being declared alien, I feel at home on the Lost Coast, where honking is considered extremely rude and Bernie 2020 signs still adorn many driveways. Having escaped the frantic city life, my husband, two guinea pigs and I now enjoy the majestic beauty of Far Northern California, where the redwood forests meet the rugged, unspoiled coast.


My laptop and a wifi signal are all I need to do what I love: write. I find a quiet place (which isn't too hard, here) and happily immerse myself into the wonderful world of content, CMS and countdowns. Offering an interesting contrast to the serenity of my surroundings, I especially enjoy juggling responsibilities under pressure while pulling together every available resource to facilitate and collaborate with a diverse group of people.



Words Matter. Always.

Living life in my second language, I nowadays - more than ever before - experience the power, subtlety and the contextual nature of language. Words matter. It is a cliché, yes - and for good reason. I believe that as a human being, but especially as editor, not just your choice of stories, themes and perspectives have impact, but also the words you pick. Protester versus rioter, immigrant worker versus expat, African American versus Black.


Our independent editing company Pairagraph's tagline, 'We choose your words wisely', is not just clever phrasing. I sincerely believe that as copywriters, we must examine and acknowledged our bias, and be aware of the ever-evolving nature of language and interplay between media and culture. We must embrace our responsibility to make conscious and inclusive decisions, and join forces to become a voice for and of all people.

















Experienced Copywriter, Online Editor and Translator

Over the last four years I have been able to strengthen my content writing and editing skills, communications and CMS expertise through various remote and in-office Online Editing positions with War Child, an international non-profit providing urgent mental health care for conflict-affected children. I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to coordinate, create, edit, optimize and translate meaningful content that helps raise awareness for and make a difference in the lives of children growing up in the midst of violence and conflict.


Since January 2017, my husband Andrew and I have been growing Pairagraph. Turns out, a hands-on mentality, eye for detail and great interpersonal competence are almost as important as strong editing and communications skills. Growing our business from scratch has given me the opportunity to further develop my independent work ethic, and enhance my time management and strategic planning skills. It has been a wild journey, and one that I am very grateful of. I have loved the opportunity to build strong relationships with partners and juggling responsibilities while pulling together every available resource to facilitate, motivate and collaborate with a diverse group of international stakeholders. It has been an honor to create content for a wide range of organizations and businesses.


I can't wait to continue to choose your words wisely. ❞

- Leoni

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