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Our journey

Pairagraph started, as we did, in Amsterdam. We met as we were finishing our M.S. studies at University of Amsterdam, Leoni completing her degree in Social Problems and Social Policy and Andrew in International Development Studies. Leoni was working as an Online Editor for the international non-profit War Child Holland in Amsterdam, while Andrew was working as an Language Arts Teacher in San Francisco.

Creating Pairagraph meant we were able to work remotely in each other's home countries and do what we love most: write. Our company was born in Amsterdam under the name of Woord&Schat: meaning both Vocabulary and Word & Treasure ('sweetheart' in Dutch) .

Working under one company allowed us to pool our collective professional communication and linguistic skills, which could offer writing, editing, translation and digital services that are higher quality yet less expensive than our larger or smaller competitors. A pair of highly skilled professionals working and living together is just the right size. As we moved to Northern California’s Lost Coast, we updated our company's name to Pairagraph, to reflect our journey to the United States. Here, sandwiched between the majestic redwoods and the Pacific Ocean, we hope to translate and write your company's story.

Would you like to communicate your journey? Let's pair up

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