andrew's story.

From Playwright, Proofreader to English Teacher

❝ As a native of the San Francisco Bay Area, I studied my B.A. in Theater Arts at Loyola University of New Orleans as a member of the Class of Hurricane Katrina. While there, I studied Religion in India and Art and Culture in Peru. In India, I taught English for the first time and in Peru I interned under the Cultural Group Yuyachkani as a playwright. With a writer as father and a former Thai newspaper editor as mother, I became the go-to proofreader for my colleagues’ papers.


After graduating, I studied my certificate in ESL Teaching and moved to Thailand to teach high school English Communication and English Education at a public university. I continued teaching various English subjects at a private academy and University of Hawai’i in Oahu, two language academies in South Korea and for the Royal Saudi Navy in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.









A Career in Writing


Throughout all of this I studied language becoming fluent in Spanish, capable in Thai and learning basic Korean, Quechua and Arabic. After finishing my M.S. Thesis specializing in UNESCO’s Culture for Development and Peruvian Community Film, I taught middle school Language Arts for Stratford School San Francisco. My writing career started with writing practice tests for Imperial Publishing and educational textbooks for private academies in Seoul and then continued in Amsterdam when I stayed there to be with my girlfriend, and now wife, Leoni. 








Returning to My Roots


While publishing a few creative short stories and working on longer manuscripts, it dawned on me that I could use my passion for storytelling, knack for the theatrical, confidence in academic and technical writing, love of correct and eloquent English, and ease with world languages to help improve international organizations’ written content. Who better to go to for good writing than an English Teacher? ❞

- Andrew

My Résumé

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